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Sifu John Wilbur

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 Sifu John is a native to the New Smyrna Beach/Edgewater area. He started his martial arts career when he was 5 years old. By the age of 15 he recieved his 1st blackbelt in the art of Tae Kwon Do. At 16 he became a boxer at Titan Fitness Center and worked as a personal trainer. At that time he trained with Robert Robear in Mauy Thai Kickboxing. In the early 1990’s he met Grand Master Denis R. Decker. He trained and lived with Master Decker until his passing in 1997. Master Decker promoted him to Sifu in 1997. Since Master Deckers passing Sifu John has trained and taught with some of the top Martial artist in the world. In an effort to preserve the art and to pass on the knowledge Master Decker gave him. Sifu John opened his first school in 2000 In the Edgewater area. In 2011 Sifu John and Simo Lynn opened in the New Smyrna Beach area. And have moved back to Edgewater. They Have continue to expand their knowledge in the arts. 

 1987 Sonseang-nim in Tae Kwon Do

1988 Boxer

1990 Mauy Thai Kick Boxing

1989 Personal Trainer

1990 Modern Arnis

1997 Sifu Chi Ling Pai

2000 Chi Ling Pai Gung Fu association

2004 Certified Instructor in Tai Chi for Health by Dr. Paul Lam

2000 to 2008 DPR Florida Boxing Commission Trainer and Manager

2010 Certified Nursing Assistant

2012 Certified Teacher in TaiJi Fit by David-Dorian Ross

2013 World Federation Kempo Styles

2013 Certified Yoga Fit Teacher

2013 Association of Masters

2013 Inducted in to the Latin American Black Belt Hall of Fame” Instructor of the Year”

2013 Universal Black Belt Society Grand Budo Award in Sparring

2013 Group Leader in Silat Seni Gayong

2014 International Combat Kung Fu

2014 International Martial Arts Council of America

2014 Stars of the South “ Best Karate School”

2014 United States Martial Arts Hall of fame “Gung Fu Master”

2014 Inducted in to the Latin American Black Belt Hall of Fame” Lifetime Achievement”

2014 Inducted in to the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame” Lifetime Achievement”

2014 International Combat Martial Arts Union Association

2014 Sifu Pai Lum Chuan Fa

2014 Sifu and Head Instructor Pai lum Dento Konsei Bujutsu

2015 Stars of the South “Best karate School”

2015 Kosho Kempo Charter School

2015 Martial Arts Collective Society

2015Sei Kosho Shorie Kai international

2015 American Federation of Martial Arts hall of Fame “Platinum Lifetime”

2016 Universal Black Belt Society Hall of fam “Best Kung Fu School”

2016 Chang Wu Chi Lin Martial Arts Association

2016 Stars of the South “ Best Karate School”

2016 Stars of the South “Best Weapons and Self Defence”

2016 Readers Choice “Best Weapons and Self Defence”

2016 Intercontinental Martial Arts Union “Lifetime Member”

2016 Intercontinental Martial Arts Union Charter School jiu jitsu mma


Simo Lynn Wilbur

Additional Information


2011 Reiki Master
2012 Simo Chi Ling Pai
2013 Silat Seni Gayong Group Leader
2013 Yoga Fit Level 1
2014 Latin American Martial arts Hall of Fame " Assistant Instructor of the year"
2015 integrative Holistic Health and Nutrition
2014 Yoga fit Kids
2015 Yoga Fit Anatomy and Alignment
2015 Stars of the South "Best Yoga Studio
2015 Stars of the South Best Weight Loss Clinic"

Coach David Nobrega

Additional Information

Started Training at age 6 Under Master Genesco Carvalhais ( 8th Degree in Goshin Ryu) Receiving my brown belt at age 15. Then trained with my Father Kru Norberto Nobrega in Mauy Thai. My Father was a Vale Tudo fighter and a Capoeira Master with 30 years experiance. I joined the Navy in 1999. while i was there i was trained in tactical warfare and combatives under Rickson Gracie. While in California i also trained in Aki Buddakan receiving my Blackbelt from Master Ward( 7th dan).Then moving to Norfolk, VA. I was traing with Gustavo Machado for 2 years. Then to finsh out my navy term i moved to Jaxsonville and started MMa with Fight Sports Team. Fighting Amature and Pro with an undefeated record in both. Whike at Fight Sports i recieved my Purple  belt in Jiu Jitsu and my  Blue Belt in Judo. I Continued my Jiu Jitsu traing under Prof. Chet Quint( 4th degree under Rilion Gracie) i recived my Brown Belt. I am Currently Traing Under Sifu John in Kosho Kempo and Chi Ling Pai Kung Fu.

2 Amateur Titles MMA

4 NAGA Championships

1 New Breed Absolute Championship

2nd in Pan Amerian 2011

2 New Jersey Regional state wresting titles 


Coach Amanda Mcmeniman

Additional Information

 Amanda McMeniman is a former AFL2 Cheerleader (Hawaiian Islanders) and member of the Division 1 University of New Hampshire Women’s Track and Field team. She has a BS in Kinesiology and an MS in Education. She has coached high school track and field and cheerleading. She has also taught numerous dance classes. She has completed 11 marathons including the last 8 consecutive years at Boston, running 6 of them as a qualified runner. She loves how PIYO builds both strength and flexibility and compliments running. She is the founder of Believe In You and believes in the power of positive body image and good health. She is the mother of 3 children and is excited to bring PIYO Live to Edgewater and the surrounding communities. 


Coach Karl Mcnair

Additional Information

Head Coach at Deland Christioan Warriors